PANAMA Yacht Charter Itinerary




Panama – synonymous with the Panama Canal, the Latin country of Panama has a cosmopolitan capital city of commerce and finance, incredible rainforest and some of the finest snorkeling, birding and deep-sea fishing in the world. So, it’s hard to figure out in this present day why travelers still tend to steer around this country or just whiz through it briefly. However widely known for the well-traversed canal and the hat made from leaves of a palm plant, the early years of political instability culminated by the 1989 U.S. invasion still lingers in the minds of travelers. Reality exposes that Panama is a proud and prosperous nation that honors its seven Indian tribes and its rich Spanish legacy and embraces visitors so enthusiastically that it’s difficult to leave without feeling that you’re in on a secret that the rest of the traveling world will hopefully one day uncover. Those who do take the opportunity to travel in and around Panama and her outlying islands will find a country so beautiful and diverse it will keep them coming back again and again.

Panama Canal


Itinerary ~ Panama City to Colon

Day 1: Arrive Tocumen Airport, Panama City: Welcome aboard dinner on your yacht.

Day 2: Panama City Historic Tour: Panama Canal Locks Tour

Day 3: Northbound Transit of Panama Canal: Anchor overnight in Limon Bay

Day 4: Cruise to historic Portobello: Water sports/land excursion

Day 5: Cruise to Isla Grande: Beach party/water sports

Panama City

Lonely Cross Against Wall, Panama

Day 6: Return to Colon: Shopping at Duty Free Zone

Day 7: Trans-Istmain trip by ground transport: Departure from Tocumen Airport

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